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New information as of: November 18, 2002

The story behind many of the call letters currently in my DataBase. The call letters on this page are
& TV only, and fall within the time span of this webpage (late 30's to the 70's).
Some are obvious, some not, others far reaching.

NOTE: Sorted alphabetically by state then by call. # indicates out of target area.
White indicates recent addition, clarification and/or change.

# WASH WASHington DC, city of license
# WBKB Balaban/Katz Broadcasting, owner. CH 4 Chicago. Formerly W9XBK. Balaban/Katz (Paramount), ABC merger moved combined facilities to ABC's WENR CH 7, returned as WBKB, became WLS-TV. Channel 4 became CBS o&o WBBM. In 1953 CH 4 is deleted, WBBM moves to CH 2 when Zenith loses experimental license.
# WETA Greater Washington Educational Television Association, owner. CH 26, Washington, DC
# WFIL Phonetic spelling of Philadelphia, city of license. CH 6, became WPVI
# WGN World's Greatest Newspaper. Chicago Tribune, owner. CH 9
# WMFM Milwaukee FM, city of license. Formerly W55M, became WTMJ-FM
# WMIT Mount MITchell, NC, transmitter location. Formerly W41MM. Later returned to service by other
# WNBQ National Broadcasting (NBC), owner. Q represent wmaQ, the radio affiliate. CH 5, Chicago. Became WMAQ
# WNBW National Broadcasting-Washington (NBC), owner. CH 4. Became WRC
# WPVI Philadelphia channel six (roman numeral), formerly WFIL
# WRCV RCA Victor, RCA/NBC owner. CH 3, Philadelphia. Formerly WPTZ, became KYW
# WTMJ The Milwaukee Journal, owner. Formerly WMFM.
# WTTG DuMont's Dr. Thomas T. Goldsmith. DuMont owned station, CH 5, Washington DC.
# WTTW Window To The World, slogan. CH 11, Chicago. Educational
# WTZR TV station of Zenith Radio, owner. CH 2, Chicago. Original assignment was CH 1. Call letters assigned, but never used. Experimental call W9XZV. Became WBBM in 1953 when Zenith lost it's experimental license.
# WWZR Zenith Radio, owner. Chicago. Formerly W51C. Became WEFM
CT WDRC Doolittle Radio Corporation, owner. Hartford. Formerly W65H. Became WFMQ. WDRC later returned on new channel.
CT WEDH EDucational Hartford, city of license. CH 24
CT WEDN EDucational Norwich, city of license. CH 53
CT WFMQ Frequency Modulation Quality slogan. Hartford. Formerly WDRC-FM, became WHCN
CT WGTH General Teleradio and (Hartford) Times-Hartford, co-owners, CH 18, Hartford. Became WHCT.
CT WHCN Hartford Concert Network, owner. Formerly WFMQ.
CT WHCT Hartford CBS Television, CBS o&o. CH 18. Formerly WGTH
CT WHNB West Hartford/New Britain. city of license. CH 30. Formerly WNBC.
CT WNBC New Britain, CT, city of license, CH 30. Became WHNB. Calls later used in NYC.
CT WNHC New Haven, CT, city of license. CH 8. Original assignment was CH 6. Became WTNH
CT WTHT The Hartford Times, owner
CT WTIC Travelers Insurance Company, owner. Hartford
CT WTNH Television, New Haven, formerly WNHC
MA WBCN Boston Concert Network, owner. Originating station for the Concert Network.
MA WBMS World's Best Music Station, slogan, Boston. Short-lived early post-war FM. Frequency later returned as WBCN
MA WBUR Boston University Radio, owner.
MA WCOP Original studio location (1934) COPley Plaza Hotel, Boston. Remained in COPley Square for life of the call letters. Urban legend has it as "COPpertone", a company product, when owned by Plough.
MA WCOZ Format; Cozy Listening”. Boston.
MA WCRB Charles River Broadcasting, owner. Waltham/Boston. Later as Classical Radio Boston.
MA WCVB Channel V (five) Boston. Channel assignment (Roman numeral) and city of license.
MA WEEI Edison Electric and Illuminating Co, original owner. Long time CBS o&o station.
MA WERS Emerson Radio Station, Boston. Owner: Emerson College
MA WFCR Five College Radio, Amherst. Owners: Five area colleges. Earlier it was FOUR College Radio.
MA WGBH Great Blue Hills, Milton, MA, transmitter location,
MA WGGB Guy Gannett Broadcasting, owner. CH 40, Springfield.
MA WGTR General Tire & Rubber, owner. Paxton, MA. Formerly W43B, now silent. Retuned by other into AM service.
MA WIHS Catholic Archdiocesan Television Center, owner. CH 38, Boston. IHS a monogram for the Greek word Jesus. Became WSBK. Folklore has it as "In His Service".
MA WJZB John Zimmerman Buckley, Director of Springfield Televison, owners. CH 14, Worcester. Formerly WWOR,
station black, channel deleted
MA WKBG Kaiser Broadcasting/Boston Globe, co-owners. CH 56, Cambridge/Boston. Formerly WXHR-TV. Became WLVI
MA WLAW LAWrence, city of license
MA WLVI Channel 56 (Roman numerals). Cambridge/Boston. Formerly WKBG.
MA WMGT Mount Greylock Television, transmitter location. CH 19, Adams, MA . Became WCDC. Original assignment was CH 74.
MA WPLM PLyMouth, city of license.
MA WRLP Roger L. Putnam. CH 32, Greenfield, MA/Keene, NH. Station is black
MA WRTB Raytheon Television Broadcasting, owner. CH 2, Waltham/Boston. C.P., but was never on-air. CH returned as WGBH
MA WSBK Stock market "ticker" symbol for owner, Storer Communications. CH 38. Formerly WIHS.
MA WSMW Waterman broadcasting/State Mutual insurance/Worcester, co-owners & city of license. CH 27
MA WSRS Worcester’s Stereo Radio Station. Formerly WTAG-FM
MA WTAG Worcester Telegram And Gazette, owner. Formerly W1XTG, became WSRS
MA WWLP William L. Putnam, owner. CH 22, Springfield. Original assignment was CH 61.
MA WWOR WORcester, city of license. CH 14. Became WJZB.
MA WXHR Harvey Radio, owner. Cambridge/Boston. Experimental FM call was W1XHR. FM became WJIB. TV channel 56 formerly WTAO became WKBG.
ME WCBB Colby, Bates, Bowdoin, owners. CH 10, Augusta. Educational
ME WCSH Congress Square Hotel, studio location and owner. CH 6, Portland.
ME WGAN Guy GANnett, owner. Portland.
ME WGUY GUY Gannett, owner. Bangor.
ME WPMT Portland Maine Television, city of license. CH 53, Portland. Station black
ME WTWO Channel assignment. Bangor. Became WLBZ.
NH WDNH Dover, NH, city of license. Became WOKQ
NH WEDB EDucational Berlin. CH 40, Berlin. New Hampshire Public Television. Station is black
NH WEKW Educational Keene, West. CH 52, Keene (western part of state) New Hampshire Public Television
NH WENH Educational New Hampshire. CH 11, Durham. New Hampshire Public Television (Key station)
NH WGIR Ernile GlRolimon, owner. Manchester. Fomerly WMUR.
NH WHED Hanover EDucational. CH 15, Hanover. NHPTV. Station went black, returned as translator W15BK.
NH WKBR Kilgore, Barkley, Rust, owners. Manchester.
NH WKNE Keene, city of license.
NH WLED Littleton EDucational. CH 49, Littleton. New Hampshire Public Television.
NH WLNH Laconia NH, city of license
NH WLOB Lincoln O’Brein, owner. Claremont. Became WTSV-FM
NH WMTW MT. Washington, TX location. Formerly W39B. Became WMNE, now silent. Call later used by other.--TV CH 8.
NH WMUR ex NH Gov. Francis P. MURphy, owner. Manchester. Radio became WGIR.
NH WNHS New Hampshire Stereo. Manchester. Formerly WGIR-FM, after three years returned to WGIR-FM
NH WTSV Twin State Valley, located in valley on border between NH and VT. Claremont. Formerly WLOB
NH WXPO Named after New York World Fair Exposition of 1964/65, CH 50, Manchester. Station went black, returned later
NH WZID “The Wizard” automation system. Manchester. Fomerly WKBR-FM
NY W(x)IV Stations of Ivy Broadcasting. Formerly Rural Radio Network, WRR(x).
NY W2XBS eXperimental Broadcasting System. CH 1 NYC. Became WNBT CH 4
NY WABC Atlantic Broadcasting Company. Original owner. NYC. Formerly W67NY. Became WCBS-FM.--Call later used by ABC o&o stations.
NY WABC American Bdcstg Co, owner CH 7 NYC. Formerly WJZ-TV / WJZ-FM.--FM call originally used by CBS.
NY WABD Allen B. Dumont, owner. CH 5, NYC. Formerly W2XWV. Original assignment was CH 4. Became WNEW-TV.
NY WAMC Albany Medical College, owner. T.L. Mt. Greylock, Adams, MA.
NY WBAM BAMberger Broadcasting Service, owner. NYC. Fomerly W71NY, became WOR-FM.
NY WBEN Buffalo Evening News, owner
NY WCBS Columbia Broadcasting System, owner. NYC. TV CH 2, formerly WCBW. --- FM formerly, WABC-FM (original)
NY WGFM General Electric’s FM station, owner. Schenectady. Formerly W85A.
W.G.H.Finch, owner. NYC. Formerly W55NY. Became WBFM, WPIX-FM
NY WNBC National Broadcasting Company. RCA/NBC owner. CH 4, NYC. Formerly WRCA
NY WNBT National Broadcasting Television, RCA/NBC owner. CH 4, NYC. Formerly W2XBS, original assignment was CH 1. Became WRCA
NY WNCN New York Concert Network, owner.
NY WNDT New Dimension in Television, slogan. CH 13, Newark/NYC. Formerly WNTA, became WNET
NY WNET New York city Educational Televison, owner. CH 13, NYC. Formerly WNDT. Call originally used in Providence.
NY WNTA National Telefilm Associates, owner CH 13, Newark/NYC. Formerly WATV, became WNDT.
NY WPIX slang for pictures. Television station of The Daily News, CH 11, NYC. FM formerly WGHF, WBFM.
NY WRCA Radio Corporation of America/NBC owner. CH 4, NYC. Formerly WNBT, became WNBC
NY WRGB Dr. W.R.G. Baker of General Electric Co. CH 6, Schenectady. Formerly W2XB. Original assignment was CH 4.
NY WRR(x) Five stations of Rural Radio network, owner. Became Ivy Broadcasting, W(x)IV.
NY WTEN Channel assignment,. Vail Mills/Albany
NY WTRI TRI cities of Albany, Schenectady Troy. CH 35, Albany
RI WNET E. Anthony d/b/a New England Television, owner. CH 16, Providence. station black. Call later used in NYC
RI WPJB Providence Journal Bulletin, owner
RI WPRI Providence, Rhode Island, city of license. Formerly WPRO
RI WPRO PROvidence, ciy of license. TV Channel 12 became WPRI
RI WSBE State Board of Education, owner. CH 36, Providence
RI WTMH T. Mitchell Hastings, owner. Providence. Became WXCN.
RI WXCN Concert Network, owner. “X” denotes first station owned by the Concert Network. Providence. Formerly WTMH.
VT WMVT Mount Mansfield VT. Transmitter location. CH 3. Became WCAX-TV

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