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        Broadcast Pioneers (1)
Major Armstrong
            Franklin Doolittle
            John Shepard
            J.R. Poppele
            V.L. John Hogan
            Paul deMars
Broadcast Pioneers (2)
Gov. Francis Murphy
            Gordon Gray
            Dr. Allan B. DuMont
            REL experimental stations
            Everett L. Dillard
            William S. Paley
        TV transmitter sites (1)
Operation Bridgeport
            W2XMT DuMont, NYC
            WENH Durham, NH
            WMUR-TV, Manchester, NH
            WBZ-TV, WBZ-FM Boston
            WMTW CH 8, Poland Springs

        TV  transmitter sites (2)
            Empire State Building-1950
            WRGB-WGFM, Helderberg Mts 
            WPTZ Philadelphia
            W2XAB Chrysler Building
            WNHC CH 6 New Haven
            WOR-TV-FM, NJ Palisades      
        FM transmitter sites (1)
W43B Yankee Paxton, MA
            W47A Albany, NY
            W2XMN Alpine, Major Armstrong
            WMUR-FM Manchester, NH
            WFMI, Portsmouth, NH
            W1XPW/WDRC-FM, Hartford

FM transmitter sites (2)
W41MM Mount Mitchell
W1XER Mount Washington
W67NY CBS New York City
W1XTG Worcester, MA
                1 kw GE  FM transmitter
Rural Radio Network
WTHT-FM, Hartford, CT
        Coverage maps (1)
        Coverage maps (2)
        Print Ads (1)
        Print Ads (2)
        Equipment (1)
        Equipment (2)
        Equipment (3)


Photos-of-the Month

                        2 0 0 2

        May 02 - WMUR FM and TV building
        June 02 -  WBZ-TV "T Day"
        July 02 - 1942 GE equipment ad
        August 02 - 1964 NH Primary/studio
        September 02 - Hurricane Carol/WBZ-TV
Photo of original 1948 building
        October 02 - WABD transmitter at Empire
        November 02 - 1948 WNAC-TV Remote Truck
        December 02 - 1947 Radio City Music Hall and 
                J.L. Hudson Thanksgiving parade
NBC-TV at Skating Rink
WWJ-TV Detroit remote coverage

                        2 0 0 3

January 03 - WRGB and WGFM building
        February 03 - RCA FM Pylon and Batwing
Current Hancock Building
        March 03 - RCA TK40 color camera
April 03 - 1948 NAB Convention
                RCA Broadcast News back cover
        May 03 - NBC Today Show (1957)
        June 03 - Major Armstrong on cover of
                Radio Craft magazine (June 1948)
        July 03 - WMVT CH 3 on-the-air
        August 03 - WJZ-TV inaugural program
        September 03 - Mt. Washington 
        October 03 - 1948 Gillette promotion on the
                Boston Common w/ WBZ-TV
        November 03 - 1946 coverage of Macy's
                Thanksgiving's Day Parade
        December 03 - Early antennas on Empire

                        2 0 0 4

        January 04 - W2XBS transmitter site atop Empire
        February 04 - 1964 NH Primaries/Mobile unit
        March 04 - WRGB microwave relay from NYC
Route map
        April 04 - Eastern Educational Network
Network map
            EEN logo
            EEN path information
        May 04 - WHDH-TV5/Studio; Bozo the Clown
        June 04 - 1948 Baseball TV coverage
RCA Broadcast News cover
Multiple stations
            WATV, WTMJ-TV
        July 04 - FM magazine cover: July 1, 1941
                 TV goes commercial
        August 04 - WATT (WATV) transmitter site
Classified for sale to TV transmitter
        September 04 - WCBS-TV on Empire
        October 04 - WMUR-TV at Fifty
WMUR-TV studio
WMUR sign
WMUR-TV transmitter control
Willie Mae/Circle Nine Ranch
        November 04 - QXR Network
QXR Network map
        December 04 - NYC- Times Square
                    New Year's Eve (1946)

                        2 0 0 5

January 05 - WCAU cover Mummers Parade
        February 05 - W71NY transmitter site
        March 05 - WFIL-TV Philadelphia
WFIL-TV WFIL-TV Television antenna
WFIL-TV RCA 5 KW TV transmitter
WFIL-TV  floor plan
WFIL-FM FAX machine
        April 05 - Big Brother Bob Emery
        May 05 - KPTV---Nation's first UHF station
KPTV transmitter and Master Control
        June 05 - DuMont Network Tele-Center
Studio Control
            Master Control
            Studio cameras       
July 05 - WMUR-FM
WMUR-FM letter indicating end of FM service
Cancelled FCC license
        August 05 - The American (FM) Network
        September 05 - KYW-FM
KYW studio building
KYW-FM coverage map
        October 05 - WGBH fire
        November 05 - W1XER Mt. Washington
        December 05 - WNBT 1941 Season's Greetings
WNBT survey

                           2 0 0 6

-       January 06 - WDTV Pittsburgh sign-on
Welcome letter from Dr. Allen B DuMont
Inaugural program
1951 print ad

Non-indexed pages (Not accessible via menu page)  

Magic of Ireland / WMJX
RTE Centre, Dublin
        RTE / Galway
        RTE / Galway    Editing  in Studio 8 / Dublin
        LIVE from Studio 8 (text)
        LIVE from Studio 8 (photos)
        LIVE from Studio 8 (photos)

        LIVE from Studio 8 (photos)
        LIVE from Studio 8 (photos) / Program routing
        Award Gratitude Certificate for RTE broadcast team
        Arial view of RTE Complex in Dublin
        Aer Lingus and Thanks


New Hampshire Primary 2004 - Satellite Trucks
        Fox - NBC Bedford Village

   Center of New Hampshire - WMUR studios
   Downtown Manchester - Concord

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