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November 2007

 Boston's WHDH-TV, Channel 5, Colorcasts Red Sox Baseball ....  Day and Night

Four TK-43's have summertime assignments at Fenway Park
Game coverage is handled by three with the fourth as a spare

Colorcasting at WHDH-TV dates back the stations on air date of November 1957.  From the very beginning
all locally originated programs were televised in color.  A complete compliment of color equipment was
installed which included live cameras. film chains and tape recorders.

Studio A, home to Bozo the Clown and Romper Room,  is still using the original TK-41's, modified over the years.  
Studio B utilizes two new TK-42's.  News, Weather, Sports and local commercial productions originate here.

The station received the TK-43 color cameras on April 1, 1967. and colorcast the season opener on April 11.
Camera locations are; on a ramp suspended from the top tier of seats along the first base line, the second in the 
press  box behind home plate.  The third is in a ground level enclosure in center field.

1967 Red Sox:  The Impossible Dream

Text and photos from RCA Broadcast News, Volume 135, August 1967

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